Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | July 31, 2011

Who Let The Traitor In?

In an earlier blog, “The Traitor Within” I discussed the reality of the traitor within and God’s provision for dealing with the traitor. Also mentioned was the importance of the Holy Spirit’s control in our lives if we wanted to live a life consistent with God’s standard for us and experience the blessings God intends for us to enjoy.

OK, so we’ve got a traitor within us; how did he get there? I’ve spoken with many Christians who were not really aware of the traitor within; their concept of sin involved demonic forces operating to tempt the believer and lead him astray. This is where the idea “the devil made me do it” came from and we were only victims of demonic or even Satanic temptation.

Although Satan and his demons are powerful, they are not omnipresent, only God is omnipresent. The Bible does not give us a precise number of demons but there is only a finite number; I have no idea what that number might be.

What I do know is that each and every human being has their own personal sin nature which will be with them until the rapture or physical death. We must cope with this enemy all of our mortal lives.

I mentioned part of God’s defensive plan for His children given in I John 1:8-10. Well there is more God has provided for our defense that was accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ when He was crucified.

In the next study we will consider what the Lord did to the traitor on our behalf. I believe Romans chapters 5 – 8 offer the most complete picture of the Christian life to be found in the Bible. I have heard it said one can determine the level of maturity of a believer by the amount of wear in their Bible at Romans 5.

All of this is directly related to your quality of life; it is all part of building a solid foundation for life that is based on the manufacturers instructions. The Bible is best compared to a food pantry filled with spiritually nutritious foods which will help you grow into a strong, mature Christian adult. As with any food it requires faithful eating and drinking to absorb the benefits.

Although the Bible can be used as a medicine cabinet from which first aid supplies are dispensed to deal with spiritual scratches etc. that is not its primary function. I’ve seen Bibles that have an index of ills with references to verses to deal with that specific ill; helpful perhaps on occasion but not the primary roll the Bible should play in the life of a believer.

“For the word of God is living, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

You will get the answer to the question in “Who Let The Traitor In? Part II.” DV


  1. Ah, a cliff-hanger! I can’t wait!
    Thank you for your guidance!


  2. Sunday I was contemplating what to study this week and behold your blog pointed me to Romans 5-8. You are correct about the “meat” in those chapters. I decided to concentrate on those chapters this week. Thank you and will be looking forward to the next installment.
    PS: I found your discussion on DNA very interesting. Never ceases to amaze me about our Creator.


    • I cannot imagine a better and higher use of your time; I learn something new every time I study those chapters. I taught chapters 6-8 last year and have copies of the class handouts if you’re interested; just let me know and I’ll email them to you.


  3. Thank you so much. I have been concentrating so much on prochcey thinking it would be a way to get my family to see God and believe the Word is true. Sience I started reading your blog I’ve seen things that can help even more.
    David, most of my family aren’t saved or are not living for God. I speek to them, but I always feel like I come up short. I know the seed is there and needs to be cultivated. I just feel that if I press too mush I won’t be listined to at all. I always pray for God to send them a mentor.
    Thank you again, you are a blessing.


    • Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them and find them encouraging.

      We all have friends and family that we wished were saved and would like to be able to hasten the process. I think you’re doing the right thing not to press too hard; we can pray and hope the Lord will move in their hearts sooner rather than later but the timing must be God’s alone. The Bible tells us it is living and powerful so I think I would be inclined to work Bible verses into my witnessing as much as possible.


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