Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | September 27, 2011

The New Heaven and the New Earth, Part 1


When it comes to the new heaven and the new earth there is one thing of which we can be completely confident and that is no matter how big and how grand we try to think, it will not be either big enough or grand enough to compare with the glories and wonders God has planned for His children. The Bible only gives us tantalizing glimpses of the new heaven and the new earth but does not provide nearly so much detail as we might like.

I have been impressed by the ability of men to create idealized environments both actual and imaginary. Examples such as Disney World and similar theme parks are good examples of idealized life in an idealized community. Another example might be the charming beauty of Rivendell as pictured in the Movie “Lord of the Rings.” I can still recall my favorable reaction when the imaginary beauty of Rivendell was shown on the screen.

This demonstrates to me that fallen man has within himself a concept of beauty that goes far beyond his ability to actually live out in life. Mankind is hampered by a world of sin and a fallen nature but can still imagine a more perfect beauty. I believe this desire for beauty in the face of the presence of our fallen natures in this sin cursed world provides us a clue as to how we were created in the beginning by our creator; perhaps it gives us a glimpse of the beauty of the Garden of Eden.

If we then can imagine such beauty think for a moment on the level of beauty that can be imagined by our creator. In the hands of our omnipotent creator I believe we will experience beauty and glory that far exceeds our ability to even comprehend; there are no words adequate to describe the wonders and glories our Lord will provide for His children. We will continue in Part 2 where it will be pointed out that you will outlast the Rocky Mountains as well as everything else you can see on the earth or in the sky; after they have faded from memory you will just be getting started!

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