Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | October 28, 2011

What Does Creation Tell us About the Creator? Part 2 – by David Bower


We, as believers, have been given the ability to see the hand of God in everything, if we choose to use it. That means we can see the hand of God in all things animate and inanimate and in all events; that means we can believe God when He says He “worketh all things after the counsel of his own will” Ephesians 1:11b

All of us have marveled at the majesty and glory of God’s creation; we have gazed in wonder at pictures of galaxies provided by the Hubble telescope and personally watched beautiful sunsets and sunrises paint pictures of surpassing beauty on nature’s canvas.

What amaze me are God’s creative diversity and the uniqueness of each of His creations. Take for example cats, the ordinary house cat (although there is nothing ordinary about any cat or dog for that matter); each one is a unique creation with its own special personality.

If you have loved and cared for more than one cat or dog, you will probably have discovered that each one is unique, no two of them are the same; each are as distinctive from the other as are people.


What this says to me is our God has the infinite capacity to create individually unique beings even at the level of dog and cat. I have even speculated to my wife that if we had some system of measurement that we would discover that each earthworm is as distinctive as each snowflake.

I have been charmed by the desire of God’s creatures, especially the young ones, untainted by the sorrows of the world, to play and have fun. One can observe this trait in youngsters both animal and human. They seem to be born with a desire to play, have fun, romp around and express their joy whether by barking, purring, laughing or whatever.

I’m convinced that God is giving us important information about Himself as He has designed this desire into His creation. I believe our God is a happy, joyous God who has a sense of humor and enjoys laughing just as much as His innocent young creations would suggest.

There is a time of celebration and joy coming; I most ardently look forward to that time when I can hear the Lord Jesus Christ laughing; I can hardly wait, it makes me smile just to think about it.

We serve a fantastically glorious God.

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