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The New America, a Carefully Executed Plan, by David Bower

Planning the Unexpected

Although unexpected consequences can sometimes catch everyone by surprise, unexpected events may well be foreknown by some who have carefully planned what is to happen.

This was certainly the case with the events of September 11, 2001 where elements were planned and scheduled at many levels and in great detail, the full extent of which will probably never be known.

You have heard the description of the entertainment star that rockets to success as “the 18 year overnight sensation” which is a reference to the years of hard work and preparation which went into the stars background to prepare them for their sudden thrust into fame. What we are experiencing with socialism is very much the same.

A 100+ Year Old Plan

The move toward socialism which we have seen for several years and has begun to accelerate over the last four years is a move that has been planned for this country since the late 19th century. Its increasing significance on the national stage has been the objective for over 100 years and is the results of decades of patient planning and execution.

Much has been written about the various aspects of the plan and its implementation over the years; the preparation has been painstaking and thorough and we just happen to be living at the time it is all being brought to fruition.

Over the last four years efforts to structure the government in a way to facilitate the implementation of the plan has proceeded with increasing intensity. We could very well be approaching the tipping point beyond which the socialization of this country becomes inevitable.

The office of the President of the United States may be closing in on dictatorial powers over the other branches of government to the extent that limits imposed by Congress on the executive branch may no longer be possible.

Much has been written about the work that has been done during the current administrations first four years to create the necessary mechanisms to render Congress irrelevant. The threat seems to be the potential for activating these mechanisms during the second term and thereby creating a socialist monstrosity that will overwhelm and destroy the United States as a Constitutional republic.

The Constitution is being set aside as out of date and irrelevant and constitutional government is in danger of being completely lost. The 2012 election may be the last opportunity to reverse this trend and save constitutional government in the United States.

The Christian Response

How should we, as Christians, respond to this threat? There are things we should do and things we should not do. First of all we need to keep in mind our primary message to the nation and to the world is the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

We live, however, in a nation where we have the right and responsibility to vote. When voting as Christians we have the further responsibility to vote for those candidates that most closely support the Biblical principles we hold dear.

There may not be a perfect match but there will likely be a better choice between candidates running for office. We should vote for the candidate that most closely follows Biblical principles. Failing to vote because none of the candidates are sufficiently pure in their beliefs is not an option. The Christian voice must be heard.

Next we will consider our present situation from God’s perspective. 


  1. David, once again you’ve hit the nail on the head! You’re so insightful and wise regarding these occurences! And it comforts me to remember your words regarding the current president’s being election: you said that God is Sovereign and that He knew this would happen. There are no surprises in Heaven! And we need to trust our Heavenly Father regardless of our circumstances, knowing He will always bring us through. Thank you! And God bless you!


    • Becky:

      It comforts me too to know that God is in complete control of everything. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate your gracious words.



  2. This post has very wise words. Thank you.


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