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Your Adventure is Waiting, by David Bower

Where Will Your Adventure Begin?

Most of us are like the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, the idea of an adventure never even crosses our minds; but like Bilbo it is possible, just possible an unexpected adventure may be lurking around the next corner of your life. Before you say, no, not me, nothing like that ever happens to me I would like to suggest a possibility which has captured my imagination and has launched me on an adventure unlike anything before in my life.

DTS Graduation 2009

A Frustrated Dream

Over 53 years ago I had a dream to serve the Lord in some sort of full time capacity. In the pursuit of that dream I attended Dallas Theological Seminary until severe financial reverses changed the direction of my life.

When the financial reverses came I was faced with the challenge of providing for my wife and three children. I continued to hope, for almost 10 years, that something would develop for me to return to seminary but that was not to be, at least not at that time.

After trying several careers with some degree of success, I finally settled on homebuilding in our hometown of Houston, Texas and worked in that field for over 36 years. Upon my retirement, in 2004, I sold my interest in the company; I had become one of the owners of the company, and looked forward to a quiet retirement.

An Unexpected Opportunity

During my years at Dallas Theological Seminary I had accumulated enough credits to be considered an alumnus of that school and as an alumnus I received a monthly newsletter from them. In December of 2008 the monthly newsletter had an article which immediately captured my attention. DTS was setting up a program especially for former students who had attended, had not graduated but had an interest in completing their work there and graduating.

The dream of returning and completing my work there had faded decades before but now it was suddenly alive again. I was immediately interested and called the number listed at my very first opportunity. Later I found out I was the first one enrolled in that new program. Although it was technically past the time for enrollment in the next academic semester, the admissions department helped me find a way to get registered anyway and permitted me to resume my schooling there after a break of almost 47 years.

I graduated in May of 2009 and participated in the ceremonies in Dallas receiving my diploma from the seminary’s president, Dr. Mark Bailey. I cannot even begin to tell you how gratifying that was after a wait of 47 years; I am deeply grateful to our Lord for giving me that wonderful opportunity. My adventure had begun with a bang!

The Next Step

As one considers the past it has always fascinated me to see how the Lord can move in mysterious and unexpected ways, bringing changes and developments that are a complete surprise. The next significant step in my adventure started in January of 2012 at church when I saw a video and met a man. They were telling a story about an adventure that was being offered to all who would step up and volunteer to join an effort to reach the world for Christ; equally interesting to me was the fact this could be done from home and actually made sense for a retiree who was approaching 80 years of age.

The effort was organized and sponsored by Global Media Outreach, a group that used the internet to reach the world for Christ. Technology was permitting the message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ to penetrate areas of the world where personal evangelism was absolutely forbidden on pain of death.

A Technological Marvel

Technology is moving at a speed that can make one’s head spin. In the case of Global Media Outreach, technology is enabling an evangelistic effort unlike any that has ever gone before. Technology is putting the message of salvation in the hands of millions of people who might otherwise never hear of salvation in Jesus Christ. It is also permitting those who have received Christ as Savior to learn and grow in their faith. Ministering for GMO became my new and fulfilling daily routine; I have now had the opportunity to minister to hundreds of disciples in nations all over the world including all of the major Muslim nations.

The Way it Works and Your Part in the Adventure

While I am retired and can devote a number of hours each day to GMO, the program permits participation at many levels and is tailored to the individual’s schedule and the time each participant may have to devote to online missionary work. That means you can skip a day or two if needed and there is a provision to notify GMO if, for example you are on vacation for a week or two, just let them know. The objective is to respond to those requesting help in a reasonable time frame out of consideration for them.

There is an initial standardized training period which includes watching training videos and applicants must complete an application with references. This is all a reasonably painless process and is over quickly. Once your training is completed the online missionary is assigned to a Community Leader who has experience in the work and can answer questions when needed.

To be an online missionary one needs to be a Christian, and have access to the web; the internet is the way of communication and each online missionary must maintain access to the internet. If you are interested in volunteering for this adventure then you can find out more here:

I’m sure I have left many potential questions unanswered so please let me hear from you if you would like for me to try and answer your questions about GMO. Personally I have found the work as an online missionary very fulfilling and consider it a privilege to be a part of this great adventure.

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