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Noah, the Movie, by David Bower

Noah, the Movie, an Exercise in Ridiculous Fantasy and Fiction

I had heard enough about the movie, Noah, to avoid spending any money on a disc so I waited until it was available on Netflix. We watched it for the first and last time the other afternoon and I was delighted I could ship the disc back to Netflix and try and forget it as soon as possible.

As an Amazon Vine Voice reviewer I usually review items I’ve used or seen on the website. I’ve attached my review below.

Mostly Fantasy and Fiction with Just a Sprinkling of Fact., August 1, 2014
By David Bower (Houston, Texas, USA)

This review is from: Noah (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) (Blu-ray)
In all fairness I’ll admit to being a serious student of the first six chapters of Genesis. I’ve spent countless hours reading, studying, and researching the world before the flood with a particular emphasis on the flood and its cataclysmic impact on the earth.

While there were small parts of the movie I felt reflected the Biblical account with some degree of accuracy; the bulk of the movie was a hodge-podge of fantasy and fiction which, at times, I found extremely annoying. Fortunately I rented the movie and watched it for my first and last times this afternoon.

I was fortunate in that I had a very low level of expectations concerning the movie and was therefore not particularly disappointed by what I saw. There were some scenes, not intended to be humorous, at which I laughed out loud at the very silliness of what was happening.

I felt compelled to watch it once, now that’s out of the way I shall try to forget it.

I deliberately kept my review short as there was entirely too much I wanted to say and I felt that I needed to focus more on the bottom line for any who might take the time to read my review.

The World Before the Flood

Some of you may recall the extended series of articles I wrote on the first six chapters of Genesis; for those of you not familiar with that series it starts with this blog; The Creation Story and completes with my blog on May 18, 2012. There are other related articles which can be located using the search feature for example, the word Nephilim.

The world of the movie, Noah, is only vaguely similar to the world before the flood as described in the Bible. The account of Noah and his family is largely fantasy and again bears little or no resemblance to the Biblical account which is fact. In summary, the movie failed to live up to even my lowered level of expectations in spite of the fact I had been warned to not expect very much. This was a rich opportunity totally wasted.

I encourage any of you who have not read my series on the pre-flood world and the flood to look them up and get a much better insight into what the Bible actually says about that amazing time.


  1. Amen!! We rented it and was amazed how ridiculous and WRONG it was!!
    Again, we agree! Thanks for your blog ministry David.


    • Melanie,

      I was so excited when I first heard about the movie; I believe that era to be incredibly dramatic and offered opportunities to create a wonderful and moving account of the pre-flood world and the awesome devastation of the flood itself. When it was released and the poor reviews started coming out I began to lose hope that the movie would even partially live up to its potential. Later reviews only confirmed my doubts and when I finally saw the movie, all doubt was removed, the movie is a comically pathetic failure.



  2. Uh Oh!
    I did buy it a couple of months ago. Just haven’t got around to watching it yet.
    Now……does anybody want to buy a never used copy? 🙂 Pretty cheap I would imagine. 🙂


  3. David, I appreciate your review of the movie and will share. I personally had no desire to see it, because I could tell even from the previews I’d seen, and from what I’d heard, that it was a miserable representation of the truth. A true reflection of the Biblical account would’ve made a much better movie!! You’re right~it was a waste of a rich opportunity.


    • Becky,

      I have been interested in the world before the flood and the flood for too many years not to want to see what Hollywood had to say about that time. I remind myself of that famous quote from Alexander Pope’s essay on Man, “‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never Is, but always To be blest.” I suppose I was looking for that nugget of inspiration which I never found.


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  4. I watched it when it came out on DVD. Besides the fact that it is “supposed” to be about Noah in the Bible and is a complete farce . . . it’s just a BAD movie.

    There were a couple of parts that I like, but once they got on the boat, I completely tuned out. The dialogue was horrible, the plot didn’t make much sense, and for a blockbuster movie, I thought the effects were horrible.


    • Carla,

      How good to hear from you again, it’s been too long. Having such an interest in the ante-diluvian world, I was saddened by the pathetic effort to portray such an exciting time in the history of the world in such a deplorable manner; such a grand opportunity wasted. I’m glad we can put that one behind us.



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