Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | August 14, 2015

A Special Occasion!

This is My 200th Blog

It is so typically human to give special recognition to what seem to be special events so I’m falling into the pattern by observing the 200th edition of my blog as a special event. I would like to thank my readers who have joined me in this journey and hope they have found the experience of some benefit. My plan is to publish part 2 of “I Wish One of our Guardian Angels Would Carry a Diaper Bag! A Big Step of Faith” next week.

How Did This Happen?

In June of 2011 I was reflecting on a fact that caused me feelings of sadness; I knew almost nothing about what either of my grandfathers or even my father thought about any of the deeper matters of life.

We had never had a talk about their Biblical beliefs or what they thought about life and living; I had no idea what they thought. Now it was far too late as they had been dead for many years; I thought that was sad.

I decided that would not happen to my children and my grandchildren; although there hardly ever seemed to be a good time to discuss such things with either my children or my grandchildren I determined to find a way to leave them a record of what I thought about life and Christianity.

At some point in their lives they too might begin to wonder what I had thought and I wanted to leave them a way to find out should they ever want to know. I could at least do my part to fill the void I felt when I thought of my father and grandfathers.

A Written Record

 I had discussed my concerns with my wife on more than one occasion and she had started suggesting I write them down in a blog. Initially I rejected that idea as I never thought of myself as a writer but as time passed and no other alternative seemed feasible I decided to give it a try, I would write a blog.

I picked out Word Press, followed their instructions for creating a blog and now have published number 200. It turns out I enjoy writing the blog, if I err it’s on the side of being long-winded; my wife is always telling me to shorten my blogs and I keep trying but with limited success.

An Unexpected Development

As often happens with writers the question of topic can come up as the writer searches for something on which to write. I had subtitled my blog, “Life from a Christian Perspective” so I knew I generally wanted to limit my blog to the Christian lifestyle.

While I started writing my blog in 2011, I discovered and joined Global Media Outreach as an online missionary in 2012. This work included receiving and responding to letters from Christians and seekers all over the world and I began to notice a pattern in the letters I was getting from them.

Regardless of where they lived the challenges to the Christian life they were facing were all very similar; the same temptations faced by Eve were being repeated again and again, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life continues to plague humanity all over the world.

I would then become motivated to write on a particular problem area and would set my thoughts down in a new blog. Then there was a development that I hadn’t really expected; as additional letters would come in I would answer by adapting the blog I had written on the subject of concern to each inquirers particular situation.

This seems to be working well and fills my days with a lot of productive activity which I find rewarding. I had wondered what I would do with myself after I retired, now I know.


  1. I’m so glad you’ve kept this blog! Our family will always be grateful for it!


    • Emily,
      Thank you for your comment; you are a big part of the reason I write this blog.
      I love you,


  2. Well as one of your children, I can say that I am thrilled that you started your blog in 2011. I look forward to reading them every time!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs with us.

    I love you dearly,



    • Karen,
      I’m delighted beyond words that you are one of my children! My prayer is that you and all of your family will be blessed by these writings!
      I love you too!


  3. David,
    I share Emily’s gladness that you write this blog as well. As a way, far, extended member of your family I have learned a great deal from you over the years. Thanks so much, Boss!!


    • Phil,
      This blog has been a labor of love and has offered an opportunity to have a witness after I stopped teaching a class. I appreciate your comment and rejoice that we are brothers in Christ and shall have an eternity to enjoy our places in God’s family.


  4. Congratulations on your 200th edition of your blog! I truly enjoy reading both you & Adele’s blogs. What an awesome gift to your family, too! I think I would like to blog one day….we shall see!


    • Sheila,
      Thank you, it sort of amazes me that I have already written 200 blogs. I’m glad they have meant something to you and by God’s grace hope to continue writing.

      Regarding your writing a blog I encourage you to take the first step and just see what happens; Word Press makes it easy to get started.
      Your brother in Christ,


  5. Although I am not one of your children, I have to agree with Karen! I love your blog and Pamela and I wait anticipating each one. I find it rewarding and most of the girls in our office do as well. When we see a new one post, everyone is always anxious to hear your thoughts.
    Thank you for sharing,
    p.s. don’t forget to finish your story about the guardian angel and the diaper as we are all waiting to hear the conclusion…lol


    • Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your encouraging comments; they mean a great deal to me! I am definitely planning on sending out part 2 if the Lord is willing. Please tell Pamela and the girls in the office that I said hello to them.
      Your brother in Christ,


  6. Congratulations on #200 – thanks for your dedication to doing such an important ministry. All the best to you and Adele –


    • Melanie,
      Thank you, I hope it has been at least half as much fun for the readers as it has for the writer. I’m impressed Melanie, posted at 1:27 am; you are a night owl aren’t you.
      May our Lord bless you and Buck!


  7. I never miss one, David. Thank you for your enlightening words. Keep them coming! Donna


    • Donna,
      Thank you for being a faithful subscriber and friend.


  8. Can’t believe has been 200 but when I looked down the edge of the blog there they are. thank you for keeping on. Even though I don’t always comment I do read and look forward to them. I am very glad you blog.


    • Kathy,
      I keep thinking I’m going to run out of ideas but then something comes along and offers new possibilities; I’m sort of curious how long I’ll keep it up, only the Lord knows. One thing that is a little disappointing about writing is the lack of interaction with the reader; as a teacher I always enjoyed questions and discussion but that does not seem to happen with the blog.


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