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A New Life in Kenya

The Birth of Joshua Mose


On Tuesday morning, September 22, 2015 I received the following email from a Christian Pastor in Kenya, Kennedy Mose, concerning the birth of his son, Joshua.

“Dear brother David,
Great what can i say i as Pastor Kennedy it is beyond human and profession of this world!!!real God turned the impossibility to possibility!!!yes i know you are real very eager to hear,now we have Joshua Mose and the nickname is “Pastor David Junior”
Brother allow me please to let you know briefly how Christ Glorified Himself to the Hospital and,especially the mighty miracle that Happened in the Hospital that made even the Doctors to remain wondering.Briefly, took my wife to the hospital called CANA Located Lunga Lunga Road opposite Mukuru Kwa Reuben where i stay during the morning ours about 8.00A.M and the Doctors there said her condition was so deteriorating and therefore were not in apposition to offer Treatment in the Hospital and they Referred her to PUMWANI MATERNITY HOSPITAL.

Pumwani Maternity HospitalPumwani Maternity Hospital Ambulance

We arrived at the referred Hospital about 3.p.m and due to the many patients she was admitted at 7.00p.m.and the Doctor took here for frequent medical tests where finally the Doctor came out with the result that The Child was big that Could not be delivered normally and therefore suggested that she should undergo surgery.from there they called me to sign down the Documents that i accept at any in outcome that may a rise when she undergoes the exercise.From there i remember my wife telling me”my dear i know now i am on the knives,please have me in prayers for if it is God’s will for me to pass let it be and if not God will take control!!”i also responded that my dear nothing impossible before the Lord and he will not forsake his Chosen”so i left her to be prepared for Theater! i and my church member,a Lady( Millicent Nyanchera married to Duke and blessed two children) who volunteered to accompany us started Shading tears and lied down the floor in the hospital.i real have a very strong believe that due to our common prayer despite our regional difference we contributed towards claiming the lives of two(my wife and Child).i also went outside and i started meditating and praying while crying as Child,silently asking God to do is miracle for my prayer was”i love my wife and the to be born Child.When i finished Praying and returned to the building the Doctor said.All of those that were not sick or ill let them leave the building and go outside to the we complied.
my wife was the next person to undergo surgery after the one that she was in Theater.Brother,Believe me!my wife gave birth while she is approaching the gate to theater successively without any help from either Doctors aid but by the grace and the mighty those who witnessed us while praying and Crying there and started choking,were all surprised even the Doctors themselves.Brother since the Night the nation knew that their is God of Elijah who do not depend on man’s conclusion or man’s understanding,He is the Leaving God,Precious God Who will not forsake is People.since the night up to now i am praying to people who are undergoing Labor wife is doing well and my Blessed son Joshua.The Doctors told me that i have to give her enough time and to themselves to see the health of the Child and will discharge them soon by now there are some expenses i am undergoing and awaiting for discharge fees.
Pastor Kennedy

DSC00008 (2)The Brave and Blessed Mother and Son

DSC00009Peeking into the Ward – Mom is Smiling so all Must be Well

Kennedy Mose from Facebook PhotoPastor Kennedy Mose

Let us join with Pastor Kennedy and his family in praising God for the successful birth of Joshua and the continued safety and health of both mother and child.

This has been a year of both joy and sorrow for Pastor Kennedy and his family; on May 6th of this year Pastor Kennedy’s youngest sister was drowned in the heavy flooding that hit Kisii, Kenya leaving two girls, 5 and 3, behind.

Younger Sister who drowned 2 5-6-15Home with the Lord


  1. Wonderful testimony from Pastor Kennedy in Kenya. Thanks for sharing, David. My prayers for continued health and ministry for this family.


    • Anne,
      Pastor Kennedy is a devoted Christian and works hard at other jobs to support his ministry and his family. I praise God for Kennedy’s devotion to our Lord’s work in Kenya.


      • thank you Brother David,for sharing my family Testimony to the is great that the brothers and sisters in the world keeps it in mind that we preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus not by any power except the Name of Our Lord Jesus.My son is doing well in Christ and i dedicated him in my prayers that he will be a servant of God to reach the world by the wife also doing well and my daughter, two nieces are doing well and the mighty Churches in Kenya.Brother,I pray that you prepare the Article that is to put clearly that salvation is not world prosperity for i in Kenya,i have witnessed this Gospel.our relation with God is perfect not made by any material things.Many pastors in Kenya and the whole teach and train people that when you are saved you will be rich and they forget that repentance and Holiness is what our mighty Father Desire.God is my real friend.He has placed in me to tell people the truth,if to kill me i am ready but first they know the truth for am not alone Christ is in me.i long to see my father,my friend,and my wonderful and gracious master Jesus.Please tell people the truth and you will save them.


      • Kennedy,
        You are welcome, it was my privilege to pass your story along to others. You’re right on earthly riches; an emphasis on them reveals carnality and sin. All earthly riches as well as this entire universe are destined for destruction; how foolish it is to place undue emphasis on that which will be destroyed.
        In Christ’s love,


  2. What a beautiful, heartfelt testimony from Pastor Kennedy. God has blessed him with his wonderful son, Joshua, and a devoted, God-fearing wife. How wonderful to give God the glory He deserves! I pray that they continue to prosper. It is sad for those left behind, but his sister is already where we long to be. My father also left this earth on a May 6, but that was 64 years ago. It still jumps off the page at me.
    Blessings, Donna


    • Donna,
      I do understand, we all have times in our memory that have been indelibly engraved.


    • Amen and thank you for the comment and more so the encouragement.Peter from the scripture was once afraid of death when he witnessed Christ on during crucification and he denied him three times but after Jesus resurrected now he believed that death is nothing and we all more than conquer,He preached the gospel of no compromise.and many received we know death is asleep and awaiting for the Day our Master Comes.


      • Kennedy,
        After my son was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and given three months to live I told him death was a doorway to Christ; I meant it then and believe it now with all my heart.


  3. Thank you for your article.
    Here is my latest poem
    As long as
    As long as there is a culture of refusing the other,
    due to his faith, religion, race, language or color,
    anyone adopts this culture in one way or another,
    is a project of launching waves of hate and terror.

    As long as Islam is thought to be good forever,
    and the Quran is so transparent just as a mirror,
    as long as its satanic verses urges on evil terror,
    on killing, burning in the midst of cries of horror,
    on crucifying people in the most brutal way ever,
    anyone considers these verses so sacred forever,
    and thinks they came from above as rain-shower,
    is a time-bomb that might explode there or hither.
    By: Hanna Awwad


  4. NOTHING is impossible with God. Thanks David for sharing this wonderful man’s testimony.


    • Melanie,
      The internet offers wonderful opportunities to have contact with people we would otherwise never get to know at all. I’m grateful for the doors that are opened by this technology.


  5. God is faithful, always attending to our needs


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