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The 1933 Model Year

A Wide Range of Things were Happening in 1933

In spite of the fact of the “Great Depression” auto manufacturers were producing a variety of automobiles that looked and performed in dramatically different ways. Whereas today it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish different makes of cars; in the dusk it is almost impossible, in 1933 the cars had very distinctive appearances that were much easier to identify.

One notable contrast was the difference between the 1933 Cadillac V-16 and the 1933 Austin Seven pictured below.

1933 Cadillac V-16 1933 Austin SevenCadillac above and Austin below (in case you were wondering)

The Cadillac, even with all 16 cylinders didn’t really measure up to the fabled Pierce Arrow, Silver Arrow…

1933 Pierce Arrow, Silver Arrow

and then for racing fans there was always the 1933 Bugatti.

1933 Bugatti Race Car

At least from an automotive perspective there was a great deal of innovation going on in 1933. There’s no doubt in my mind that any of those on the streets today would make heads turn.

Why Pick 1933 You may well ask?

Well, there is in fact a personal reason I selected that year; that was the year my model made its first appearance.

David Baby PictureThe 1933 model of David

Today I must confess feeling more of a kinship with the Austin than with any of the others. While the Lord has been exceedingly gracious and merciful to me time does take its toll. I actually find it kind of exciting to watch the changes taking place in not only my body but my perspective on life and living.

My wife and I occasionally discuss this and we’ve both observed the differences in our attitude toward life; how less is now quite sufficient for us. I see this as a real blessing from the Lord; as our physical abilities are reduced our expectations and desires are reduced correspondingly. The Lord is always so gracious and loving to His children!

I can recall wondering, as a much younger man, how older people could be at peace with their more limited lifestyles; now I understand and it works beautifully. My wife and I have been blessed with reasonably good health and are still somewhat active around the house. While we both keep busy there is the reassuring realization that when we get tired we can take a nap; nap time is good, very good!

We are having a wonderful time in my retirement; I wouldn’t have missed it for anything except, of course the Rapture, that would be a great reason to miss it!

At Disney Land cropped

(My apologies to those who got an error window yesterday; there was a temporary technical mishap that has now been corrected.)


  1. Things around us changes and we also change, sometimes to the good and sometimes to the bad, but when in Jesus, we change to the best.
    Interesting and inspiring article.
    Hanna Awwad


  2. In Jesus we change to the best. Interesting and inspiring article. Thanks
    Hanna Aawad


  3. The thing that never seems to change is your gratitude and thankfulness which pays dividends in the form of peace and contentment.


    • Nelda,
      The Lord has given us so many blessings for which we can be truly thankful!


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