Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | May 11, 2016

How is God Handling Your Sin Problem?

A Parenthetic Insertion

As a missionary for Global Media Outreach I receive too many letters each day that reflect a lack of understanding about the sin problems we all face and the solutions that God has provided to deal successfully with those problems. As a Christian I too have had to deal with those problems and have found relief in the Book of Romans, especially chapters five, six, seven, and eight.

I have started a series of four essays, based on those chapters, in which I am attempting to focus our attention on the nature of our sin problem and the solution to that problem that has been provided by God’s grace. I am personally convinced that a clear understanding of the provisions God has given to us in those four chapters and the faithful application of those provisions to life is the secret to a fulfilled, happy, Christian life.

I know of no one who would truly prefer to be unhappy rather than happy and I suspect that you share my experience in that regard. Finding God’s peace and joy is not something that comes naturally in this sin cursed world but is something that must be discovered and applied.

The first essay in this series, “A Flood of Confusion” focused on the nature of the sin barrier between God and man. The second will focus on God’s remedy to this problem while the third will address the practical problems of living out God’s solution. The last in the series will rejoice in God’s overriding grace that brings all things to a glorious conclusion.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit may guide me as I write so the written word may adequately convey the good news of God’s answer to the sin problem we all share.


  1. I know that God will bless your time in His word and through that we will be blessed by your thoughts. It’s interesting to me that you are focusing on Romans. I have recently felt a strong desire to memorize Romans, I think I’ll begin with those chapters.


    • Karen,
      Those chapters are very significant and provide excellent insight into the Christian life; they are truly worthy of your study.


  2. David, how wonderful to read this! I look forward to your series of essays on Romans 5-8. I love these chapters, especially chapter eight. I’ve memorized parts of chapter 8 and I love being able to call it to memory when needed. Standing by….
    In Christ,
    Becky 🙂


    • Becky,
      Chapter 8 is a magnificent finale to chapters 5-7 and bring the whole matter to a God honoring conclusion. Those chapters are very worn in my study Bible.


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