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Big Changes for September?

What, if Anything, is about to Happen?

A search of the internet for information on any of several variations of September 23, 2017 will produce many results relating to prophecy and the end times. What is going on that has drawn so much attention? The short answer seems to be a perceived special alignment of the sun, moon, stars and planets and a growing concern over the times in which we live.

There seems to be an abundance of discord and strife all over the world; the Bible has foretold that in the end times things would get worse. Paul’s warnings in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and Romans 1:18-32 are being played out in life all around us.

Whether or not these are the times referenced by Paul the descriptions seem to be a good fit with what is being observed today. It is becoming ever more difficult to simply watch network television as subject matter, both nationally and locally, tends toward the disgusting and distasteful almost without exception.

There are also other signs that have been foretold that seem to be proliferating all around us; the question that comes up is September 23rd one of those signs?

What is Being Considered for September 23rd?

Revelation 12

Much of the information circulating on the internet involves astrology regarding the stars, constellations, planets, sun and moon and their alignment on the 23rd. I respectfully disagree with their conclusions.

The Bible condemns astrology. In several places astrology is described as false and unreliable. I see it as very unlikely that Revelation 12 has an astrological basis that involves the stars and the planets. Speculation includes the date of the Rapture; the date the Tribulation begins and the date of the Second Advent which ends the Tribulation. I will not honor that speculation by repeating those dates here.

The traditional interpretation of Revelation 12 sees the reference to the sun, moon and stars as symbolism based on Biblical references to Genesis 37:9-11. I’m inclined to agree with that interpretation.

The Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah

In addition to the Revelation 12 component there is the Jewish Feast component. It so happens that the Jewish civil new year observance, Rosh Hashanah, starts on September 20th at sundown; this will signal the beginning of the Jewish year, 5778. This is often referred to as “The Feast of Trumpets” and is one of the last three Jewish Fall Feasts awaiting fulfillment. It is the first day of the 10 “Days of Awe” which conclude at Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Is this a Feast of the Church or a Feast of Israel? Pentecost had a direct application to the Church as that was the day the Holy Spirit indwelt believers for the first time and the church came into existence.

Now the question is will this Feast of Trumpets be the time the church is taken out of the world by the Rapture, something else related to Israel or simply another Feast Day? The Bible does not specify therefore speculation is running wild as to whether or not the Church will be raptured at this particular Feast of Trumpets and I don’t know.

The Rapture

One thing I feel confident about is no prophecy remains that must be fulfilled before the Church can be called home. This means the rapture could happen at any time. I have previously prepared a timeline which I still believe to be the best information I have been able to find. It includes some speculation that is based on Scripture and I show it below.

Nothing that I have seen recently compels me to change any of this timeline. I’m of the opinion that October will arrive on schedule and without any life changing events; we certainly don’t have long to wait to find out what the Lord may or may not have planned for the 2017 Feast of Trumpets. (Click on the timeline to enlarge.)


  1. David , I’m wanting to comment on this teaching but not able to get password to work. I’m going to test this reply and see if it goes through


    • Carol,

      My website does not require a password; this must be on your end.



  2. OK, it went through, lol. Well, I generally don’t comment but since I have been studying this subject for a couple of years now may I comment on some of your perspectives. We both agree man’s opinion will not make any difference but it is the rightly dividing of God’s Word that will stand. We want to be good workmen. As I read Rev. 12 and the great sign that John saw, I looked up the work ‘saw’ in Bullinger’s Companion Bible, and it uses the Greek word “horao” which means to perceive with the eyes, it is used of bodily sight and with special reference to the object looked at. It was not a dream or a different word would be used as in Gen 37:9. In Gen. 1:14 Go made the lights in the firmament for signs an for seasons ( moedim, which means appointed times)……Astronomy, not the counterfeit astrology, was made by God to show the Redemptive story in the heavens. These feasts that we are talking about were given to Moses in Lev 23 were not called Jewish feasts but ‘Feasts of the Lord”….they are God’s Feasts, moedim, appointments with man. The first four were fulfilled by Christ, the fourth one being Pentecost where Holy Spirit came down to man, the next yet unfulfilled Feast is the Feast of Trumpets. That brings us to Sept 23 2017 where in the heavens this great sign is going to be happening. Don’t know if it means the Rapture will happen on this date but if Christ fulfilled the first four on the exact feast days, ……well, why would it be any different for the next three ! This Feast of Trumpets is over a two day period because in ancient times they had to see the sliver of the new moon to announce with trumpets that it was beginning……..Just some things that should be considered when looking that this extraordinary alignment of God’s lights that won’t happen for thousands of years if ever..


    • Carol,

      Thank you for your thoughts on this. What is exciting to consider is we will not have to wait long to see what God has planned. I’m “rapture ready” and look forward to the return of the Lord with great anticipation; the sooner the better!



  3. Dear David,
    As usual your commentary is immensely interesting and according to my limited knowledge, Biblically accurate and well referenced. I especially appreciate you once again adding your end time timeline with all the scriptures. You make a complex subject much easier to work through and try to comprehend.

    Thank you David!! I appreciate your wisdom and the time you invest in your blog. You are a blessing to me. Please give my love to Adele.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you peace. Blessings…Elaine


    • Elaine

      It is my joy and privilege to contemplate the wondrous events God has planned for His children. We can rejoice in their certainty and wait with excited expectation for their fulfillment. May our Lord bless you and Jim.



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