Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | October 25, 2017

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

A Lovely Thought

Jasmine crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. She would come running when she heard us talking on our patio. I sketched her during one of her visits. I took the photo of her on our front walkway. A treasured friend.

Just recently a lovely little animal died after a long and greatly loved life; her name was Jasmine and she lived next door as part of a neighbors family. She was the very picture of loving friendliness and never met a stranger. We were delighted by her frequent visits and looked forward to seeing her each time we were on the patio talking; she would hear our voices and come running to us to pay her respects and enjoy a few moments of cuddling.

Despite our neighbors best efforts the challenge of her years finally overtook her and she had become very frail; when my wife got news of her death she prepared the tribute above as a salute to a well loved feline friend and posted it on Facebook.

For some reason I was deeply touched by the expression “crossed the Rainbow Bridge.” The precious animals the Lord brings into our lives leave an indelible impression that never goes away. Each of those lives is so special and truly unique; each are pearls of great value and a rich blessing to those privileged to love them and share their lives.

We want to imagine some special destination for those dear lives that have so enriched ours and a mental picture of those dear souls crossing a rainbow bridge seems to help fulfill that need. I am confident that God’s love for those small parts of his creation is infinitely greater than ours! If we can love them as much as we do then God can love them even more; I suspect there may well be an unrevealed promise for those precious lives as God’s love continues to envelope them in the future.

“The Rainbow Bridge” 


  1. Dear Special Friends, We have been so very touched and comforted by the tribute you gave us and the words written above. I really like and believe your idea of “The Rainbow Bridge” and Gods special place for our beloved furry family members. I have placed the picture in a place of honor and I will print this post to place with it. I thank you both for being our friends and for being friends to all of our furry family over the years

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  2. I want to believe that our beloved pets have a place in Heaven. I am closer to some animals than to some people. John


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  3. David I was very moved by this post. We lost our precious Husky last year and it has been difficult without her despite filling our home with other beloved new family members. She is always in my heart. I believe God would have a place for them as well.

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    • Marie,

      Thank you for your thoughts on this; those small animals become a part of who we are and leave a lasting impression on our lives. Their passing is painful but the joy of their lives is a rich blessing.


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