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Anarchy, Mob Rule, and Civil Disobedience, Concluded

The World Situation Leading up to the Second Advent

We are living in a prophetically complex time as the Bible tells of a number of events that must take place before the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I have written on this in some detail in a three-part series of essays that starts with, “What is Coming Next for the Church and Israel?”

Any close examination of Bible prophecy will show our world situation today matches the world situation in the end times. The Lord has not revealed when overt action as described in prophecy will begin, but when it does the changes will be very dramatic. At a future time, the Lord will determine that the world is prepared for the events foretold and things will start to happen quickly; I am confident the Lord has this all timed to the very second!

I am convinced the next event on God’s prophetic calendar is the removal of all born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ at an event often referred to as the “Rapture of the Church.” This event will have a devastating impact on the United States which, interestingly enough, is never mentioned in end times prophecies.

How does the most powerful nation in the world today suddenly disappear from the world stage and is no longer a player in world events; the removal of all born-again Christians and God’s protective intervention could explain that remarkable phenomena.

The United States of America

As a nation we have been greatly blessed by God; I love the way the last verse of our national anthem expresses those deep truths:

“Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation,

Blest with victory and peace, may the Heaven – rescued land

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.

Then conquer we must, for our cause is just,

And this be our motto –“In God is our trust.”

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

It is by God’s grace that we were made and have been preserved as a nation; we are in truth, a “Heaven – rescued land.” In spite of our mortal foolishness we have succeeded in surviving and becoming the most powerful nation on earth; failure to fully acknowledge God’s gracious hand of blessing is to ignore the realities of our history.

We have been blessed with a Constitution that has served as a guiding light for the governing of our people and although under attack as irrelevant in modern times has withstood countless attacks by those who would destroy the republic it established.

The Critical Missing Element!

While we still have a political and social compass in the Constitution, we have deliberately turned our collective backs on the vital moral compass that was so important to our founding fathers, the Holy Bible.

Today we have abandoned the Bible, the only absolute moral standard which has ever worked for us, and this has proven dangerous to our society as demonstrated by the moral chaos rampant in the nation.

While the Bible provided an objective moral standard which was generally acknowledged and observed in the early years of our nations history, it has now been discarded as an out-of-date hate book because it stands in judgment of the corruption and degradation being widely practiced today.

I deliberately choose to avoid itemizing examples of our national immorality and suspect that each of you can fill in those blanks with ease; the media sees that all are well informed concerning the excesses taking place across the nation.

Another Civil War?

In a speech in January of this year, Daniel Greenfield, a  Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center,  has suggested we are observing the beginnings of a civil war and suggested that efforts to overturn an election by violent action, which are being instigated by many, are all the evidence needed to qualify as the beginning of a civil war.

One group in Austin, Texas which calls itself “Red Guard Austin” is actively promoting revolution over elections. I’m reminded of one line in Daniel Greenfield’s speech where he says; “Guns are how a civil war ends. Politics is how it begins.”

In this speech, which Mr. Daniel Greenfield delivered to the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach, he explained clearly how the liberal left has begun its overthrow of the United States as a constitutional republic. I encourage all who are interested in the preservation of our republic to check out the speech which is available at “The Second Civil War.”

The Beginning of the End

While the Bible does not reveal the timing of the churches removal, it would appear there is no other unfulfilled prophecy that must take place before that happens; in other words it could happen any time.

If things are bad now, once the restraining ministry of the Holy Spirit is removed, things are going to get much worse very quickly. Let us praise God that we, as Christians, will not have to witness that time of judgment.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

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