Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | April 29, 2019

What Does Your Desk Look Like?

I received a blog from someone from whom I have a subscription. The blog asked the question “What does your desk look like” so this triggered a line of thought that resulted in the following photo.

My “Man Cave.”

This is a partial view of the room which I’ve converted to my office. I spend a lot of time here writing my blogs and working with Global Media Outreach. It has become the control center for the wired and wireless systems which serve our home. Needless to say I usually spend several hours each day at this location and use my computer for all of our family business as well as my Christian ministry.

Being of a rather frugal nature, all of the furniture in the photo, including the chair, came with assembly required; needless to say the most complicated was the u-shaped workstation which serves as my desk.

I’m truly thankful modern technology is permitting me to have a ministry from my office; I’m 86 and any sort of traveling requires a lot more of me than it used too.

From time to time I make an effort to clean up my workspace and that can last, occasionally, for as long as a month then things return to their normal cluttered condition. I like to think if only I had another file cabinet I could find somewhere to put all the stuff that’s too important to throw away.

I derive some comfort when I see a photograph of Einstein’s desk and hope that’s a clue to something.

While I don’t have a chalkboard filled with mathematical symbols I do have an abundance of electronics and wiring running all over the place. I’m reminded of a quote by Laurence J. Peter:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

I suppose those of us with cluttered desks must seek, as best we can, to understand our situation and hopefully make peace with it. I really do try, occasionally, to get my desk cleaned up but that usually lasts for only a short amount of time before the clutter returns; as clutter seems to be the norm for my desk I suppose it would be best to just accept that fact and move on.

One Success for Order

After years of urging by my wife, I finally got our garage cleaned up of the 44 years of debris which had accumulated. Now it looks orderly with a place for everything and everything being in its place. I have to admit I do have a good feeling about that! We’re working on the rest of the house, room by room and may eventually get to my desk but that’s a scary thought, I won’t be able to find anything!


  1. Your desk and garage are impressive in their own way. I couldn’t help but notice the purple gift bows/pom poms above the computer. Is that your glitzy splash of color or just a bit of fun? 👍


    • Kathy,

      Those are party favor whistles; you blow them and they role out and make noise. We got them at a party once and I decided to keep them as a souvenir. Thanks for the kind words on the desk and garage.



  2. I think I have a solution, at least in my situation. Remove ALL printers and copiers from the premises. I catch myself printing and/or copying things unnecessarily. Then I try but fail miserably to file all that paper out of site.
    Mr. Furl


    • Mr. Furl,

      I’ve started using Microsoft “Print to PDF” and try and keep only digital copies of things; this has cut down on the hard copies dramatically, I’m happy to say. It is working so well I’m actually using less paper and ink than in the past. There are still too many times when a printer and copier are essential to what I need to do to get rid of them entirely. I would estimate that my printing to digital copies comprises over 80% of my printing now.



  3. I feel ur pain!!!  U should see my art room!!! And, it’s by the front door!!!🙄🤪 Love your writings!!!

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    • Linda,

      I think I’m more amused than pained at this point in my life. Sometimes it can get rather hectic when one of the cats gets on my desk and decides to jump off; that usually scatters paperwork in the opposite direction and takes time to pick it all up again. I’m truly thankful you enjoy my writings!



  4. I really enjoyed your article. It gave me a better understanding of my husband, although he hasn’t gotten the garage in order! 🙄


    • Hello Katya,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and appreciate your taking the time to comment! Perhaps if you show your husband the article it may inspire him to do likewise.

      Best regards to you both,



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