Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | August 5, 2019

El Paso and Dayton, Two Horrific Tragedies!

Tools are Misbehaving Yet Again!

The murders committed by two young men in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio are truly horrific and senseless killings. They are the sad and regrettable taking of innocent lives by young men consumed by sin; they are tragic manifestations of the sin nature out of control!

I have found it interesting that not one news article has mentioned the sin problem inherent in their behavior; we read of more gun control, of mental illness, the quick execution of mass murderers but not one reference to a sin problem.

There has been a systematic effort to remove objective moral standards from the American scene, to abandon Biblical morality and replace it with nothing of any substance.

The consequence of such foolishness is the wild misbehavior we are seeing proliferate in this country; behavior ranging from licking ice cream and putting it back on the store shelves, urinating on grocery shelves and food, flash mobs of young people attacking and looting a store, attacking others who may have different opinions, all the way to murdering large numbers of people are clear manifestations of a total lack of a personal moral compass in the lives of these individuals.

These are all symptoms of a dead spirit, a sin nature in control of the individual and influencing bizarre behavior that is distorted and delusional. An abundance of gun laws and restrictions will not solve this problem; it is not external, it is internal; the longer this nation turns its backs on Biblical morality the worse the situation will get.

Childproofing the Room

It is tiresome and frustrating to see how so many of our nation’s leaders fall into the trap of environmental solutions to what is a spiritual problem. I have written more on this in “Money, Guns, Tire Tools and Christianity.”

In this essay I wrote:

“During this time a new notion was becoming popular, a notion which we rejected for our family; a notion that avoided setting limits on children’s behavior coupled with efforts to remove all temptations that might result in inappropriate behavior. Families were trying to childproof the environment of the child so there was nothing the child could actually do to step over the boundaries of acceptable behavior; I referred to it as childproofing the house.

I was amazed at these efforts and thought of all the problems that a lack of self-control could generate when these children grew up and tried to integrate into society. What I had not anticipated were the efforts that society would eventually try to childproof itself and remove all things with which the out-of-control child/adult could damage or use to possibly harm themselves or others.

I had not anticipated society seeing these undisciplined adults as victims of an unfeeling society that had failed to adequately remove all of the dangerous objects from their environment. The beautiful vase was there so they broke it, the sharp object was there so it was used to injure themselves or others, and regardless they were innocent victims of a thoughtless society that had failed to properly prepare the environment for their arrival.”

So yet again we see our politicians ranting on about our societal failure to properly childproof the environment; more feeble efforts to alleviate symptoms without addressing the virus of sin which is responsible for those symptoms.

There is only one cure for the sin virus and that is the new birth by faith in Jesus Christ as Savior! There has never been another answer and there never will be!

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and You Will be Saved!”


  1. Great phrase, “childproof the environment.” Not a possibility, without the help of our Lord!

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  2. You are so right. The problem is internal not external. The Lord is our hope and strength in these rapidly changing times. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a revival flood our country… people turning away from sin and finding the real truth in Jesus Christ!

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  3. Amen Amen Amen 🙏

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  4. Dear David,
    Thank you for your analysis of the mass shootings over the weekend. Excellent commentary!! So basic, so simple, so Biblical!!

    Of course our current culture will blab on and on, using countless words to comment on this horror and NEVER use the word sin.

    Thank God you have the wisdom to see clearly to the real source of this tragedy. Also thank you for your courage to give the Biblical answer.

    Hello to Adele. Love to both of you!

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    • It’s such a tragedy that Biblical truth, which is so available, is so ignored. I’m ready for a spirit led revival if God will permit!


  5. Good summary David. I totally agree with you. Today there was a tweet by Candice Keller a Republican Representative to the Ohio House. She mentioned the sin problem at the base of all that has happened – transgender, same sex marriage, fatherless children, violent video games, recreational marijuana, … Twelve minutes after it was published I looked through the 320 responses. I only saw one that supported her view. The rest were were ruthless attacks against her view. I was shocked!

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    • Nelda,
      Thank you for subscribing and commenting! We are living in an age of increasing Satanic deception and those who lack the “whole armor of God” are very susceptible to attack. I’m of the opinion that this will only get worse unless we see a powerful outpouring of God’s grace on this nation. If God, on the other hand, has withdrawn his hand of blessing from this nation, then the situation will only get worse. May God’s will be done!


  6. So true! Amen

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  7. Oh so sad and true. Come quickly Lord.

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