Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | March 13, 2020

Helping People Find the Answer to Life’s Biggest and Most Important Question!


Sharing the Good News of Salvation

Last week I wrote on “The Answer to Life’s Biggest and Most Important Question!” This week I would like to focus on helping people find the right answer!

Recently, I got a letter from a young Christian man in Africa, in his letter, he was rejoicing over an email he had gotten from GMO’s which offered counsel on helping someone find Jesus Christ as Savior. I read the article that had caused him such excitement and found it to be a potentially helpful tool; I’ve attached it below for your consideration.

Help Someone Find God

The Gospel needs to be shared with people everywhere.

Imagine that you discovered a simple cure for every kind of cancer. Would
you want to share it with everyone? Of course!

Well, humanity is sick with something far worse than cancer: It’s called
sin, and it causes *never-ending death.* But God in His mercy has
provided the cure: His Son, Jesus Christ.

This great news needs to be shared with people everywhere. Jesus’ last
command to His disciples was to share the gospel and help people all over
the world become His followers (Acts 1: 8).

Tell your story

You can start sharing with a friend by simply telling what has happened to
you. John’s Gospel tells how Jesus healed a blind man. The hostile leaders
kept questioning him about Jesus. The man who had regained his sight simply
said, “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see” (John 9: 25).

So start by sharing your own story. Tell how Jesus has changed you and
forgiven your sins. Your life can show how God changes people.

Tell God’s story

After telling your story, go on to share about the Problem (sin) and the
Solution (Jesus), which are summed up in Romans 6: 23: “The cost of sin is
death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Tell your friend that no one is good enough to make it to Heaven, but that
“all who did receive him [Jesus], who believed in His name, He gave the
right to become children of God” (John 1: 12). And then simply invite your
friend to ask Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness.

Do it all in the power of the Spirit

Read the beginning of Acts 1: 8 again: “But you will receive power when the
Holy Spirit has come upon you . . .” Note that we don’t have to rely on our
own power, but on God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, as you read
about in Part 2 of Look to Jesus.

Jesus also taught this when he sent out the disciples, saying, “The Holy
Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say” (Luke
12: 11-12)

Help others look to Jesus

In the power of the Holy Spirit, tell your story, tell God’s story, and
leave the results to God. Not everyone will decide to follow Christ. Our
job is just to share the Good News, and God will take care of the rest.
Share with your friends how they can share about Jesus!

You are the world’s leading authority on your story; may the Holy Spirit bless and guide you as you tell your story! The original article can be found here “Help Someone Find God.”

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