Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | June 26, 2020

To the Soldiers in the Spiritual War, The Flood Changes the World

After the Flood

In my previous article I related the history of the ancient spiritual war through God’s judgment on the earth by the world-wide flood. By way of summary we covered the original act of sin when Lucifer became Satan, Lucifer’s fall from grace followed by his successful effort to destroy the spirit of man and his almost successful effort to corrupt human DNA.

We discovered that although Satan no longer has a place in the kingdom of God, he still has access to heaven and is seen in God’s presence having a discussion about Job. The next big shift in the spiritual war is about to develop.

The Birth of the Seed of the Woman, our Kinsman Redeemer

Despite Satan’s best efforts, human DNA remained pure through Noah and the seven members of his family. It has been estimated that the earth’s population at the time of the flood was around 9,000,000,000 people, all but 8 drowned; which is certainly a catastrophe of Biblical proportions!

Now the work of correcting the distortion that had been created by Adam’s sin would be begun by the one person who could do it, the Lord Jesus Christ. The eternal Second Person of the Trinity, the one who created the universe and continues to sustain it by His power, would humble Himself so as to become a man, flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone and, as our Kinsman Redeemer, restore mankind to its rightful place as intended by God.

In the perfection of His saving work, He would even elevate us to a much higher plane than Adam ever knew, we were to become children of God and joint heirs with Christ in God’s eternal family. It was this that Satan dreaded and hated and sought to stop by his unsuccessful effort to corrupt human DNA. God’s promise to Adam and Eve of a seed would be perfectly fulfilled in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of us are familiar with the story of the birth of Christ and Herod’s attempt to kill him; our Kinsman Redeemer was born in order to die on the cross on our behalf and nothing was going to interfere with His perfectly achieving that goal at the precise time prophesied!

The Victory is Won

It may seem strange to think of a horrible death on a Roman cross as a moment of victory, but that is exactly what it was; at that point the ransom was paid and the earth redeemed from Satan, Christ’s work of redemption was finished. While the First Adam had failed, the Second Adam, from above, was totally victorious over sin and death!

It pleased God to delay the final implementation of this redemption to allow all who would be called to enjoy the blessings of salvation; this delay has resulted in our becoming part of God’s family and more are being added every day across the world in even greater numbers!

The Next Big Step

Around 50 days were to pass after the resurrection before a new type of human being would be created by the power of God; this process of re-birth would continue until the Church was removed at the Rapture. The Holy Spirit of God came to earth to indwell all who had received Christ as Savior; the fabled temple in Jerusalem had been replaced by frail human bodies as the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. From that point on, the world contained two distinctly different classes of people, those who were spiritually alive and indwelt by God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and those who were not and were still spiritually dead.

For an unrevealed number of centuries, God would be creating a new form of life, the born-again Christian who collectively would form the true Church, the body and bride of Christ. It would be impossible to overemphasize the vitally important nature of this change; God Himself would now indwell each individual Christian and never leave that individual either in time or eternity.

Individual human beings would be added to this group by the power of God starting at Pentecost and ending at the Rapture of the Church; before that there was no equivalent creation and after that process is closed, at the Rapture of the Church, that process will be stopped forever.

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