Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | July 22, 2011

A First Step

What do you know, it was easier than I thought it would be, I got the “About” page updated and have added the email subscription box.

When I get through the mechanics of this process I can give some thought to other things. Once the blog page is fairly well settled I’ll send an email notification to everyone on my distribution lists and a few others that I think may have an interest in my writings.

My beloved wife has already notified several of our friends about the blog so if you receive a second notice I apologize in advance for the redundancy. 

After that it will be up to you to determine if you want to read my blog as I’ll not be constantly reminding people it’s there. The way I think it will work is on the occasion I write a new blog, those subscribed will receive a copy which they can read if it seems of interest to them.

It should not be necessary to go to the blog as the blog will come to those subscribed although anyone is welcome at any time. This may all be very familiar territory to many of you but I’m sort of finding my way one day at a time.

While it is true that I have a lot of thoughts on a variety of subjects; how many of those would be of general interest only time will tell. Although my wife had to twist my arm to do this I have to admit I’m getting a little bit excited by the prospect of sharing my thoughts and reflections on life and current events.


  1. Hip, hip, hooray! I look forward to reading your blog, David! Thank you for deciding to do so! You know the old saying, “Behind every man…” 😉 Good work on her part, too! Your bio photo is very cool! I never would have guessed you are retired! Will you be answering questions from the peanut gallery on your blog? I am not very familiar, yet, with the format. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! I covet being able to benefit from the experiences and character-building that our Lord has so graciously afforded you!
    D.V. Alison


    • Thank you for your generous thoughts, I do appreciate them.

      With regards to questions I do love and welcome questions as well as comments. That’s an important enough point that I’ll address it tomorrow in my blog. I want to encourage questions from all who are interested.


  2. Hi David……..think you will find this very fulfilling. Am looking forward to future subjects and posts. Glad to know you are recovering well, playing the piano and now blogging!


    • I appreciate your comments and trust that you and Vernon are both doing well.


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