Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | July 23, 2011

A Second Step

Thank you for the amazing interest you have shown in the blog; that is very encouraging to me and suggests my wife may have been right all along, time will tell.

One of yesterday’s comments posed the subject of questions; as those of you who have sat under my teaching know very well, I love and encourage questions. I will, as the Lord enables me, try to answer every question you submit. I’ll either reply as a comment or if the question has enough general interest I may address it as a blog.

To this point the blogs have been more organizational in nature; I’m giving careful consideration to the topic of my first “official” blog and hope to have it ready next week. The problem is not thinking of one but selecting the right one from so many possibilities.

Those of you who know me best are aware of my deep interest in current events in light of Bible prophecy. I’ll devote some of my blogs to that subject as well as the area of quality of life for us as Christians. It appears that entirely too many of our brothers and sisters are short changing themselves when it comes to the blessings inherent in the Christian life as intended by our heavenly Father.

Thank you again for your interest; I pray by God’s grace that I may fully meet your expectations.

P.S. I’ve made better progress than expected on my first “official” blog and will post it tomorrow, 7-24-11 D.V.


  1. Hi David!
    I’ve always wanted to have a blog to follow. I’ve never quite “hooked up” with anybody, mainly because I didn’t know anyone personally that hosted one. Well, it looks like you get the honor and I’m very excited about your undertaking. God bless your new endeavor. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and perspective.


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