Posted by: davidbowerkingwood | June 25, 2019

Wedding Cake Championship

Congratulations to Robin Cates and Shelby Bower on Winning the Wedding Cake Championship!

For the last several weeks our Monday evenings have focused on watching our grandson’s wife, Shelby, and her mother compete for the grand prize in a nationally televised cake baking competition.

Last night was the final episode in the series and Shelby and her mother won the competition and the grand prize of $25,000 dollars. We are so proud of both of them and wish them the very best as they continue this productive and effective partnership.

Robin, Shelby, and the winning cake

This is a screen shot from the TV show; the actual cake was bluer in color but you get the idea. Shelby has a You Tube website called “The Sugar Scoop.” Shelby offers tutorials on baking and decorating pastry’s of all kinds. If you have any interest in baking cakes or eating cake, you may enjoy visiting her website.

Congratulations once again to a remarkable, and hard working couple of ladies!


  1. This is so fantastic – what a well deserved honor!! So happy for them and you all! :>))

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    • Thank you Melanie, they are both totally committed to producing a very special product.


  2. I saw every episode! Congratulations, Robin & Shelby – well done!

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    • We all love a happy ending and this was a happy ending for all who love Shelby and Robin!


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