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My wife, Adele, wrote and published this recently; I thought it was effective and powerful and wanted to share it with my readers.


you got a letter from our Lord….
or an email, or a text?
Would you be eager to open and read it? Probably.
Or would you put it off until a later time? Not likely.

you finally read it and thought it was too difficult to understand or apply?
Would you give up in frustration? Maybe.
Or would you write back and ask Him to clarify? Probably. After all He deserves a reply. Right? You would not want to insult Him by ignoring His message to you.

He told you His letter/email/text possessed divine power, and was capable to change you and help you and instruct you in righteousness beyond human power?
Would you then be interested to read His message to you, even though right now you think you can’t understand it?
Would it be worth a try?

He told you His Holy Spirit will come along side of you to read and explain it and teach it to you?
Would you believe Him?

‘Til He Shouts! (1 Thessalonians 4:16)
Adele Bower

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